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Breastfeeding and Working Out Myths

Breastfeeding and exercise?

Can you do it?

Heck YEAH!

From some moms I talk to, there seems to be some misconceptions out there about breastfeeding & exercise. Here are some of the most common questions I’ve been getting around this topic:

1. Does exercise decrease my milk supply?


A lot of women start exercising again at the same time a lot of other changes are happening, such as returning to work, resuming birth control, not drinking enough water, and other new mom stresses like lack of sleep, etc. These other changes can be big stresses that impact your milk supply.

When beginning to exercise, or starting a new exercise regime as a nursing mom, you want to make sure you already have established your milk supply, that you are staying very properly hydrated and are eating enough HEALTHY calories.

Sometimes moms are doing a lot of upper body exercises and may pinch a milk duct close to their arm, so if you notice this, take a break from strength training and resume...

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