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Adrenal Fatigue: Part 1

gut health nutrition tips Jul 08, 2018

In this first video blog, I share some information about what “Adrenal Fatigue” is, what the scientific term is, the testing I did to identify it, and more. 

 I took my DUTCH test in March of 2018. I began making changes as soon as I got my results back in April, and I found out I was pregnant in May. I filmed this video before I shared the news we were pregnant. All of the things I was doing for my adrenal health before I found out I was pregnant, I am still doing now. 

This has been an emotional journey. It's been quite the learning process. And, I am SO thankful that I did it! I hope you have never been in a similar situation, where you constantly feel off. We start by doing simple, minor changes in hopes that it will reset us and we can get back on track. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get back to "normal" no matter what I tried and it was so frustrating. I hope that if you are feeling like I was, that this offers you some solace and may be even interest you in taking the DUTCH test. 

I am helping a limited number of people through a DUTCH test. It is a significant investment. If you are interested in this test, contact me.

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